46th Reunion?

Because we were not able to have a 45th Class of '75 reunion last fall, we are trying to determine whether or not to have a 46th reunion instead. We've decided to take a poll of the class to determine your wishes. Please respond to this quick survey at your earliest convenience. The survey will close in one week (April 20)


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1)   * Knowing that we are still planning on having a 50th reunion, would you also like to have a 46th reunion this fall during FHS Homecoming weekend (typically the last weekend of September)?

Yes No
2)   * If the majority wishes to have a reunion this fall, would you prefer that the majority of the events be held inside or outside?

  Either is fine with me
3)   Please provide us with any thoughts, comments, concerns, suggestions, or questions that come to mind regarding a 46th reunion this fall.

4)   If we plan a 46th reunion and you would like to be on the planning committee, please email Melanie Raine at mlraine52@gmail.com and let her know. Thanks!